Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I am leaving my husband and kids this weekend to drive to Nashville for my cousins wedding. Every time I go anywhere without them I come back saying, "Jonathan, don't let me ever do that again!" Wishing I had gone with my family or just skipped the trip altogether.
Nashville, TN sounds like an awesome place and this will be my first visit. My cousin getting married is my age and lived within an hour of me most of my life, so we have grown up together. I can't imagine missing her wedding so I'm going to go against my word and leave my family again! :) Just hoping the days are very busy and fly by so I don't have time to miss them or wonder what they are doing while mommy is away.
One funny/scary thing is that no matter how organized I am about laying out their outfits for when I am gone, Jonathan feels the need to do his own thing. It never works out for him. Once he put a shirt and tights on EG thinking it was a dress and sent her to church like that. Not that their clothes are what's important, but come on babe, this is why I take the time to plan their outfits.
As I think about leaving for the trip, I'm trying to remember how fun it will be to see my cousins and visit a new city. I just keep telling myself that.
Now, onto the to-do list so that I can actually leave.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Eyes of a Child

I was always the one in the group that didn't find putt putt, animated movies, the aquarium or museums all that exciting. Now that I have children I see everything through their eyes and all the things that used to bore me are so much fun to experience with them. I find myself using every cliche when telling stories about my kids. They all make so much sense to me now!
Watching their face light up when they see something for the first time...I swear my heart smiles. Isn't it the best? The difficulties of parenthood are far outweighed by the rewards.