Monday, December 27, 2010

'Tis the Season to be Jolly

I don't know when it was exactly that Christmas lost it's "magic" with me. I never stopped absolutely loving Christmas, but you know. My parents have always made it very special for us. Once you have children you get the chance to live through the magic all over again. Next year they will understand it even more and it will be that much more exciting. So much to look forward to.

I am constantly feeling blessed this holiday season. So many people that mean so much to me are all around. My children have enriched my life like I couldn't have ever imagined. The snow is falling, making my world beautiful. I see Weston having a ball and making some of his first snow memories. The snow was half way up Elliott and the chances for walking in it were slim to none. She enjoyed from the window with Poppy.

Rare sitting still moment Christmas day.
Checking out Mema's presents.
Justin tackled us!

Outside is Weston's happy place.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Some gals ask for diamonds, but not me. I ask for a "craft station"! ... and diamonds. I couldn't be more excited about this years Christmas present from Jonathan. He made my craft closet dream a reality. :) I realize this probably sounds very lame and uncool but I have no shame!
First, we decided the bonus room closet would be a great spot. I wanted a place to have all my gift wrapping supplies ready, so every time I have something to wrap I can go there and it will all be in reach. I won't have to find the scissors one place, then the tape another. The wrapping paper won't be all wrinkled and I can see all that I have to choose from. Jonathan built me a custom wrapping paper roll holder hanger thingy. It's a piece of art! I love him.
Jonathan told me to go check out the oil cloth he covered the desk top with (which is a door by the way) and there was a sewing machine sitting on top of it! Surprise! He really got me this time. Now, I embark on a new journey. I will learn how to sew.

Time to get organized.
Not at it's full potential.
He repaired the walls.
Trying out the shelves.
Weston helping with the wrapping paper frame.
Great job WAS!

I wanted to choose a crazy girly color that I couldn't paint an entire room.

Still a few things to add.
MY space!
Happy Girl!!!!!!

Thank you babe.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Party Like It's Your Birthday

Jonathan and Weston celebrated their 2nd and 28th birthday on Wednesday. I made a couple chicken pot pies and my family came over to eat. We sure do appreciate them.

Good one, Drewsky.

Jonathan's special piece of cake.
Weston after blowing out his candles.
Jiji has been busy.
From the looks of that tummy, she's had enough.
Uncle J lovin.
Put that tongue back in ya mouth.
Poppy & Elli Grey!
Grey & Lover Boy
Aw, let's give Jonathan a present too.

Get to work boy!
Present time!

Uh, ooh.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hunger and Boredom

This is what happens when Jonathan combines hunger and boredom. I was out last night and he had to figure out something to eat for dinner. He is very resourceful and has no problem finding something to make. Eggs are always good! Jonathan can flat out make an omelette and they are so pretty.

Caught in the Act

Last night Jonathan called me into our bathroom. Now that we are parents I think we use the line "Come here quick you have got to see this" every other day. Weston and Elliott were both in our shower smearing soap all over! They were pretty excited about it. I tried to explain just because we laughed and took pictures doesn't mean that it's OK to do this EVER AGAIN! :)