Friday, February 25, 2011


Oh, and pretty! Trifle's are just pretty. One of my favorite desserts to make! If you are spending a lot of time on the rest of the meal and don't want to have to worry about making a difficult dessert, it's perfect. It can be a great summertime dessert because it's light and involves berries, but also is great following a "heavier" meal any time of year.
You can get a basic glass trifle bowl at Walmart for under $7. I have also prepared this in individual servings using wine glasses which is very cute. For me, the store bought pound cakes work amazingly in this.

All the ingredients you need!
Prepare your strawberries.
Add sugar and allow your berries to macerate in the fridge for at least 2 hours. Doing this makes even off season strawberries delish!
Cut your pound cake into bite size cubes and roll each piece around in amaretto liqueur. One of my favorite aroma's.
Place a layer of pound cake in the bottom of your trifle bowl.
Whip up some cream. I add a little powdered sugar to mine. I would say it's definitely worth the extra effort to make your whipped cream.
...another layer.
Oh, the strawberries look all nice & shiny!
Add blueberries for 4th of July!
You can continue with as many layers as you want depending on how many you're serving or how long you want to keep it in your fridge. :)

Garnish with chocolate shavings or mint if you have either around!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Potty Time

We've been training Weston to use the potty for almost a week now. He picked up on the pee pee thing very fast and tried to avoid the poo poo at first. He went during his nap time when he had a pull-up on. We put him on the potty and turned on "Buzz" one night. He just sat there for nearly twenty minutes grunting. He was so into the movie he wasn't even thinking of what he was doing. I sat somewhere he couldn't see me and when I got up to check, he had gone! "Gone" is an understatement. It was the largest pile of poop I had ever seen! Jonathan and I jumped up and down, danced all around cheering for him. Then he looks in the potty and sees what he'd been working on. His face went from a smile to a look of terror. No tears, just confusion.
Since then he has gone poo poo on his potty about 5-6 times! I believe he is starting to enjoy going on the potty and not having to walk around with it squished in his diaper. Plus, mom and dad act like fools and he gets an Oreo.
Goodness gracious, did I mention how cute his little hiney is in those big boy underwear?

Privacy Please?...with Oreo all over his face
Playing with J's tape measure all morning. I do realize what this looks like though! Ha!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Stutzman Field Trip

The plan was that the kids nap on the way to Raleigh and then be ready to go crazy at the Marbles Kids Museum. So Elliott falls asleep 15 minutes from our destination and Weston closes his eyes precisely as we pass the museum looking for a park. We drove around for another 15 minutes or so and then decided it was time to PLAY!
This place has got to be straight out of one of Weston's dreams. E stared at the other kids a lot, just watching their every move. She also looked for places to sit down and would slowly back up to them. It was very entertaining to me! It was really sweet when W would be playing and then notice E across the room and point and smile or run over to her. They both had an absolute blast and we will have to go back next year.
Amazingly enough neither fell asleep on the way home tonight. How is this possible? They played HARD for a long time. I do know they are getting some good sleep now though. What a fun family field trip. :)

Finishing up lunch on the boat.
The cutest chess piece I've ever seen.
Connect Four
"Painting with anything but a brush"

Elliott and I stuck with colored pencils today.
Mom and sissy are watching you Weston!

Elliott's holding her bucket we made.

...and the attention span of 2 seconds is up!

What can brown do for you?
E getting all in the way of the big boys playing.

3 Artichokes

Great produce
Hello, Jiji!

Not the attitude of a civil servant.

Get in Sissy

Dinner at Mellow Mushroom
Bitter Lemon!
Funky "Q" Pizza
Cheese Bread...Awful

Good Morning World

This is how Weston likes to start off his day.
Chocolate Milk Stained White Tee

Feeling Gooooood

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How Sweet

Jonathan came in the door tonight after a Walmart run and says, "Oh, I got you a surprise. " I had no clue what he was referring to but have learned not to get too excited when he makes that comment. As I am putting the groceries away I come across Sally Hansen's Cracked Heel Repair Creme. Yep, that was my surprise. Kind of like, "Surprise, your feet are awful!" I mean, did he go into this department looking for it, or just come across it and think, "This is just what Lauren needs for those cracked heels of hers." It's so sweet, but also so pitiful.
It is true that my heels pretty much stay cracked (ewwwww). Every once in a while I can't even put my weight on one or the other because I have severe crackage (otherwise known as a deep crack that you could fall inside and never get back out/your heel is splitting in two). You would think that I didn't have any shoes and walked around town barefoot. Do people "lotion up" their feet every day? Apparently mine don't get enough attention. I just hope Jonathan rest easy tonight knowing these heels are on the mend.

I believe it's the newest version of this stuff. Oh yeaaaaaa.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Girls Night Out

Had a great time with my Group girls last night. Sure did miss our Bethany, but know she was having a blast visiting home for the weekend. Would have never known this group would be hanging out together a year ago, and that's just one of the awesome things a small group can do for you. We enjoyed a delicious Italian dinner at CPW's and then dessert at Loyo of course. It is conveniently located and all. We also had fun with the camera...

Grey looking debonair

HAPPY Kaitlyn!

You give me the caption for this one Rachael :)
What are you doing Gbaby?
Who me?

Some yogurt for you, Bethany!

Ok, we are full now.