Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Field Trip to Durham

We had such a great time Sunday in Durham.  Lunch at Maggiano's is the perfect way to start the day at The Streets at Southpoint.  Well, not if you want to go shopping and try on clothes later but that is never going to stop this girl from enjoying delicious scratch-made Italian goodness.  I mean really.  

We went into the store Free People for the first time.  Stopped in Anthropology(spent 1 hour) and purchased two dish towels that I later turned into a splendid pillow cover.  

 I have to give my Mom credit for this because she suggested I get them to "make something."  Jonathan was able entertain  the kids by going to the water fountain and Kid Zone there while my parents and I did some more shopping.  By the way, Cinnabon isn't there anymore and that's a shame! 

Headed back to Greenville late afternoon and some of my cousins came over to my parents house that night.  We had so much fun together!  Turned out to be a great Labor Day weekend.

Uh Ohhhh

This is one thing I didn't see coming.  The transition from crib to bed went so smoothly a few months ago.  Weston was having his "nap time" and whining for me.  Then it seemed like the whining turned into more of a scream so I decided to go in there and check on him.  Once I saw him in this position I had to get Jonathan and couldn't help but laugh a little.  Oh, and grab the camera.  Honestly I tried to get him out and thought, "Oh my gosh I can't! Get Jonathan quick!"  
Poor guy won't be sliding off the bed at the foot of it anymore.  I guess that's what he was doing when he got in this pickle?